Game Types
Capture The Flag, Fuel
Large for 8-32 players
Play Styles

Imperial troops and Blood Eagle warriors face off against one another across a blasted and desolate wasteland. Once home to many and varied forms of life, this paradise has been reduced to a barren no-man's land through constant warfare.

Hints and Tips:
The terrain requires a certain "half-pipe" style of play. That is, finding steep slopes to ski down and up the far side of a gully, gaining serious height in the process. Hitting a steep slope at the right speed and angle is vital to good movement in this map.

Released: 20 November 2004

Email: Please PM me through

Teams: Imperial, Blood Eagle
Player Spawns: 16 per side
Number of Bases: 1 per side
Base Sensors: Yes, at main base
Base Generator: Yes, at main base
Number of Territories: 0
Vehicles: 1 x Assault Ship, 2 x Fighters at each base
Known Bugs: None known (Please report any you find!)

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/20/2004
    • Added: 11/26/2004

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