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Centuries ago, en-route to the colonies of Mars with a fresh, much needed cargo of fuel, equipment, supplies, and human colonists, an unforeseen accident caused a huge explosion that completely obliterated the cargo ship, USCS Archimedes. Now all that remains is a toxic cloud orbiting the planet Mars. Demanding a cleanup, the citizens of Mars commissioned the independent waste recovery company GasworkZ, Inc., with explicit rights to reclaim the gas cloud that remained. Proving to be too toxic for even human workers, an extensive effort was made to use robotic entities to accomplish this task. Eventually, even they could not withstand the corrosive effects of the gases and fumes. Now abandoned, warriors from distant planets gather here to battle for the supremacy of their race. Ultimate survival depends upon skill, spirit, ….. And luck.

This is a medium sized map with platforms, lifts, walkways, buildings, and cover. Great for sniping or close quarter battles.

I have tried several times and on several occasions to contact the original author(s) of this map and map port, "Doctor Frag" and Jason "Octopussy" Rice, but have been unsuccessful. Due to the fact that this map was originally a UT99 map (original author: Doctor Frag) and has been ported to UT04 with no obvious permissions granted, I felt free to do this revision without any required permissions also. It has also been 11 years since the UT99 release.

Credit should be given to Jason "Octopussy" Rice for his hard work and efforts and especially to "Doctor Frag", the map originator, for his great work on the original UT99 Gasworkz map.

This project started when a friend, who runs the original, DM-Gasworkz-2k4, map on his personal server, asked me if I could alter it to provide Bot support. I agreed and did so. I spun off a DM-Gasworkz-2k4-V2 map just for his use. In the process I could see from within the Unreal Editor that there were a LOT of problems with the construction of this port. Even though the map played as was, I felt I had to repair this map port. I could not, in good conscience, leave it as it was. I hope I have done this map justice with my revisions. The ReadMe lists all the revisions I have made to this map.

This is the final release.


  • Changed overall map theme from desert (UT99 original), where ever (UT04 port), to Mars orbit (Redux).
  • Removed nearly 200 "Null Material References" errors due to the, Mine.utx and UTtech1.utx texture packages. As a result, neither of these texture packages are required and have been removed from the .zip file. (The original MUST have these .utx files installed to run.)
  • Changed the Music track. The DM-Gasworkz-2K4.ogg music file is no longer required and has been removed from the .zip file. (Music with words just doesn't work with UT, IMO, no matter how good the soundtrack is, else I would be using, "In-A-Gotta-Da-Vida", for this one.)
  • Rebuilt central towers, walkways and handrails to be larger and more accessible. Removed unnecessary brush construction and replaced with static meshes. Brush construction was grossly misaligned.
  • Rebuilt large and small glass bldgs to be larger and more accessible. Again, brush construction was grossly misaligned. Added and changed a few things to aid in gameplay.
  • Moved tower lifts to inside towers. Adjusted lift settings accordingly.
  • Dropped all lifts to be even with floor and adjusted settings accordingly.
  • Broke up extremely long perimeter glass walkways in the middle of each to shorten and provide better access and gameplay.
  • Added 2 access ramps to platform behind large glass bldg.
  • Rearranged weapons pickups for better Bot flow.
  • Added more basic pickups, adrenalin, health, ammo, and relocated most.
  • Added super pickups, DDamage, Redeemer, and relocated existing ones for better Bot flow and gameplay.
  • Corrected ALL misaligned geometry.
  • Added Bot support, pathing.
  • Replaced some grating meshes whose shaders were interfering with glass shaders.
  • Added wall bases to glass walls to prevent "seeing" through the floor where they intersected.
  • Changed perimeter glass walkways support meshes to ones that provide more space on main floor.
  • Revised nearly all lighting on entire map.
  • Removed unneeded and unused materials in Skybox.
  • Removed dozens of unnecessary ambient sound actors.
  • Added new ambient sounds to match new theme.
  • Corrected, re-sized, all handrails. Replaced all brush construction with static meshes.
  • Rearranged various geometry for better flow and gameplay.
  • Added rotating gas clouds surrounding main platform to aid new theme.
  • Added lighting fixtures to correct unknown light sources. Removed unnecessary lighting.
  • Adjusted KillZone to main level volume.
  • Rearranged various meshes for proper alignment.
  • Corrected 10,000 and 20,000 light brightness settings on corner spots which was totally unnecessary.
  • Adjusted Fog settings.
  • Added necessary blocking volumes for static meshes to help optimize map for speed (FPS).
  • Added Zone portals for map optimization.
  • Removed unnecessary geometry embedded within other geometry. (Causing BSP errors).
  • Realigned overlapping meshes.
  • Rearranged Player Starts and setup for Team play. Also added more PS.
  • Rearranged health and weapons pickups for better Bot flow. Bots seldom went to towers or perimeter walkways.
  • Added Assault and Grenade Launcher weapons pickups and ammo for same.
  • Repositioned Sun actors for more accuracy.
  • Added "Mars" planet for better visuals and to aid storyline.
  • Added Preview description. (None existed before.)
  • Updated Preview shots to current map.
  • Corrected Level Preview parameters. (Xtras not necessary).
  • Deleted unused textures from mylevel map file.
  • Scaled and aligned all textures.
  • Added lighting, textures, meshes, etc. To match existing environment.
  • Altered map name a tad.
  • Other various minor revisions.
  • Added specific ReadMe for new revisions.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 4/3/2011
    • Added: 4/5/2011
  • Test Version v2.0
    • Released: 2/22/2011
    • Added: 2/24/2011

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