SkaarjTower The Fall of Seethe


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This 4 map pack continues the story where Drews Skaarj Tower: Shadow and Fire left off. You find yourself in a cave, located near a Skaarj base which is overrun by rebelling kralls. Your only mission is to continue Your journey to find Your friends and get off the planet.

While You were making sure that all remnants of Skaarj forces had been destroyed from Skaarj Tower and Castle, a powerful Krall called Seethe had started a rebellion in a nearby base. The Krall forces took control of the Skaarj base and pushed the skaarj forces into hiding. Will this somehow affect Your quest for searching Your friends and getting off the planet? I guess You'll soon find that out.

These levels were originally meant to be part of a larger pack. The other mappers were Drew and Hexen. Unfortunately the project had to be cancelled and I didn't want these maps to go to waste, so I decided to release them to the public. Because of this I had to quickly build (3-4 hours time) the last map to make any kind of reasonable ending for the pack.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/29/2005
    • Added: 6/9/2005

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