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After the Scaaj threat was eliminated on Na-Pali by terran forces the terran military on seeing the multitudes of lifeforms on the pali homeworld setup a vast and expensive research lab known as the Xenome labs. These ultra modern facilities were geared towards trying to tame or use the unique and often deadly attributes of the native and non-native inhabitants for biological military research.

After a deadly escape by a titan who was supposed to be behind a stasis field the terran military pulled the plug on part of the facility when they scrapped the remains of the researchers off every wall and floor. Prosecuting lawyers had a field day and fined the federation a vast ammount of money on behalf of the victims relatives.

Liandri corp following the case gave the military a financial lifeline by renting part of the facility for the tournament, and in return the military would give the proceeds to the courts to settle the fine for the duration. The rest as they say history!

This map took a very long time to create. I was plagued with homs everywhere especially using semi solids on the outside parts, in the end I used solid brushes for the most part! I wanted to create a DM map with a particular theme that to my knowledge has'nt been done before so I came up with a map that includes the monsters from the original UNREAL. The map is very large but is playable with 16 players with ease. I would of liked to have a bit more z-axis in the map but as construction began I just went with the flow.

The map includes custom textures that I've collected over the years (I think some are from DOOM III) but as I dont have that game I cant say for sure! (I dont want to get in the !@#$% on this one!). Please enjoy the map and I hope it gives you a lot of fun playing it.

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