DM-Ghost Mine


Huge for 10-14 players

This was once a peaceful crystal mine. However, after many years of mining it lost its peace. The deaths caused by the caving in and destruction of mine ways brought an end to this former profit-making mine. The money made by mining the crystals was only enough to afford to pay the families of the unfortunate miners, thus defeating the purpose of the mining. Although there were still crystals left to dig out, this coastal mine was officially closed... To mining. It was brought to the attention of Liandri that there was a ghost mine in a mountainous island nearby, and they quickly grabbed all rights to this mine for their sport. Liandri felt a dangerous crystal mine would be a great place to hold one of their infamous Deathmatches...

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/27/2001
    • Added: 3/27/2003

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