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Medium for 8-16 players
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This mysterious base deep in the midst of a thich swamp was once a fully-functional military compound used for detecting enemy starship fleets. The wet planet it's located on is right next to a universal worm hole, leading directly to the Solar System.

After contact with the area was lost, the U.D.I.(Universal Defense Initiative) started geting nervous. What they didn't know was that some unknown life force had invaded the building. It was terrifying to the crew - it damaged only certain areas, it killed only a small amount of people, it raised the elevation and flooded the walled-in area outside, and mysteriously, aimed all the defensive cannons out into the swamp... The survivors condemned their work and abandoned the base, and as they are still alive, being chased in the swamp by invisible beasts, you can still hear them screaming...

After the UDI had been without reports on enemy starships for months, they deployed a team of soldiers to investigate the site. You have been chosen to search the area for any crew memebers. When you and your team arrive, the force senses your presence, and decides to try an expirament... It wants to see what will happen when everyone turns on eachother, and it becomes a matter of every man for himself...

(I'm sure you can guess that this map is best for Last Man Standing, and I suggest 1 - 5 as the frag limit for that game type.)

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/16/2001
    • Added: 3/27/2003

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