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This is a small portion of a much bigger complex, which would be much too big for a DM level. It was originally inspired by the Sin single player level "Oil Rig", in that I wanted a very live environment with lots of moving machinery. Unfortunately, this made the map run dog-slow and I had to take most of the really cool stuff out. I also cut the texture variety way back. So I ended up with exactly what I didn't want . .. Another "space warehouse" type of thing, although with a little more detail (and a lot more polys!) than most. Hopefully it has a little more atmosphere as well. The skybox is an experiment; I just don't like those flat-sheet mountains in most skyboxes. There are 3 spaceships in there as well . . . Something to look at when the action lets up for a moment. The forklift brush is an original creation by me, made entirely out of cube and cylinder primitives with a little vertex editing.

Does a deathmatch level need a story? Why not! :)

This is part of a mining outpost established by Inuit Corporation on a remote moon of the Epsilon Eridani system. Gravity is just slightly less than Earth-normal. The hot, poisonous atmosphere necessitates an extensive ventilation system, which can be used to move stealthily around the facility.

Part of the ventilation system is a huge filtration tank that uses liquid to trap air pollutants. The filtering liquid is held in place by a magnetic field that will allow solid matter to pass through. Crafty competitors can take advantage of this if the turbolift is held by the enemy. The trapped pollutants make the liquid slightly toxic however. [continued in readme]

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