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Back to the basics. An old community with old beliefs, adhering to the old ways. People adhering to old believes including raising their own livestock and making their own bread. There is a stable for livestock, and next to this is an open courtyard/atrium where a waterfall brings in water to turn the mill for grinding grain. Water collects in a small pool and is scooped up in buckets for the livestock and other needs, plus a hearth is nestled in the corner for baking fresh bread. Next to the stable is a sacrifice room: The small community gathers around while the traditional animal sacrifice takes place on the platform above. Blood drains down into the small lava pool below, then the villagers move to the next room to worship at the statue and drink holy water from the well. Geologic activity provides an abundant supply of lava and also has caused an earthquake, which is evident from the fallen statue and toppled pillars. Unruly villagers are taken to the cave where they are banished from existence in the lava lake below. A lava room provides tool-making opportunities, where molten rock is fashioned into crude instruments.

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