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Huge for 14-16 players

YOU WILL NEED YOUR TRANSLOCATOR TO NAVIGATE THIS MAP. The only walkable connection between the room and the tunnels is through the hole by the glowing ball; there's a small room back there, with a slanting hole in the floor; you can fire your translocator through here, but you won't fit by yourself. Alternately you can use your translocator to get up on the table (easy) or into the camera (very tough, you have to jump first and fire in the air to get the needed height).

Anyway, once you're through here there are portals at the end of the tunnel on each level; if you stay on a level and walk through a portal, then find the next portal in the gallery room, then walk through the (next) tunnel level and so on, eventually you'll walk the map. There are 7 tunnels, with mine shafts connecting them on different levels; the shafts are smooth-walled, the tunnels aren't. You'll also notice that the light is greenish when you're on a level.

Except for the end of the room with two pictures, all portals are paired on the same logical surface; at that end of the room, there is a portal on each picture. The portals in the track lighting are on the mounts at opposite ends of the room... Of course!

I had huge polygon troubles on the table until I added the square piece in the center; that seems to have fixed it. Except for the Keg O' Health in the box on the table and the vials in the corners, there is no health in the Gallery. There are no weps in the tunnels, but plenty of health. Shield belt is in the bottom-most tunnel.

The artwork is courtesy of Gayllynn Smiley. She produces fantasy and erotica pieces in pen & ink and oils. She's had several shows in Seattle. The various pieces are copyright (c) 1993-2001, and are for use only in this game; you may not use the textures in another game or for any other purpose.

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  • v1.3
    • Released: 5/30/2001
    • Added: 8/16/2009

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