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Medium for 2-8 players
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A GMC Reg Arena build for Reg, ESR or Bin. It contains ESR, Shockrifles and Sniper Rifles. I did this map as a present for SCA Clan some time ago, this is release number 2, the map now got rid of a fatal bug.

Build mainly for ESR, treated as an ESR arena it*s one or even 'the!' finest looking ESR Arena (I was told, thx so much for that :D) but Framerate is definatly NOT the framerate you expect in an ESR arena. It is a framerate like in reg weapons maps I admit. That*s the price for it looking nice, and the reason why I decided to let it have reg weapons addtional to the ESR, let it have some dynamic light, botpaths and describe it a Reg Arena :)

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 10/19/2005
    • Added: 10/19/2005

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