UT99.org Community Map Pack 2


Medium for 2-16 players

A new map pack from UT99.org contains much more than just a few simple maps:

* 13 maps, mostly Deathmatch, but also some CTF and a small Unreal Single Player campaign that all provide a broad range of sizes and types of gameplay

* Some UT3 game play elements, such as the Armor system, which even includes the Anti-Headshot helmet

* Several other well known features added, like Weaponlocker, Wildcardbases, UT2004 styled jumppads and much more

* New and improved UT3-like powerups: Damage Amplifier, the Berserk Powerup, Invisibility and the Nanoblack Battle Suit

Maps Included:

CTF-UTR-Attempt by S'Calain
CTF-UTR-Dargrok by editor Dave
CTF-UTR-Otherworld by Mr. Tom
CTF-UTR-Rawash by GenMoKai
DM-UTR-Abicio][ by S'Calain
DM-UTR-Epitaph][ by Rob Master Builder
DM-UTR-Kamah by Creavion
DM-UTR-Morbias4 by Creavion
DM-UTR-Nadaus by Creavion
DM-UTR-Ravage by FrozenDozer
DM-UTR-Ryigiar-III by Creavion
DM-UTR-Sacrimossa by Creavion
SP-01/02-UTR-Unforchers by editor Dave

Patch 1.1 is included as a separate download below, which includes a nighttime version of Sacrimossa and adds 2 extra maps, created by Creavion:

DM-UTR-ArcticDecay (also Unreal Championship 2 themed)
DM-UTR-Compressed3 (Remake of UT2003`s Compressed but with extended layout)

Patch 1.3 is also available as an additional download below which is a small fix that adds some new features.

Tags: awesome

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/7/2009
    • Added: 8/2/2009

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