Game Types
Capture The Flag
Medium for 2-20 players

A rather simple map with sniping only. There are Redeemers hidden in the side and some rather odd decoration (two pictures which are a little awkward, but pretty much safe for work) for both Bases.

This isn't as good as my current work but it's nice to post the map that started everything! Completly basic, but I am "Master of the Stairs". This is possibly the only map I managed to bot path, when I have more time I'll bot path my current maps.

Being the first ever map I created, it was a bit of a mistake to build the first CTF in my old clan. I had to sit and teach everyone else. Eventually everyone got the hang of it easily. Credit to Night Fire because he had imported the Textures for me (back then I didn't know how... After all it was my first).

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Revision History

  • v1.001
    • Released: 12/16/2006
    • Added: 12/24/2006

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