The Bewildering Discharge


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Capture The Flag
Medium for 4-8 players
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Winner of King Mango's Unofficial 6 Hour Mapping Contest at Unreal Playground Sept 2003.

Dekkar Verannus pulled his aircar to the edge of the flightway, and eased himself out of the !@#$%pit. Running awkwardly, for he felt the oncoming bout of diahorrea keenly, he made his way into the bushes.

'Damn those Ishakari and their rotten geruxal fish!' he exclaimed as he searched for a suitable place to unzip his suit and relieve himself. The offending seafood lunch he had consumed earlier in the day had been the cause of his current discomfort. As a location scout for Liandri Corporation's Tournament, he had been involved in negotiations with the Ishakari Ambassador to use one of their sacred sites for a Tournament arena. After having lunch together, the ambassador had told Dekkar in no uncertain terms that their ancient temple was off limits to any kind of bloodsport, and that Jerl Liandri could stick his tournament square up his arse.

Dekkar had left the business meeting feeling angry and embarassed... He'd show them. A requisition to the board of directors for a covert strike on Ishakari holdings would bring about a change in their attitude. Dekkar reflected on all this as he stumbled through the bushes. He couldn't find a spot to crap that was out of view of the neighbouring tenement buildings, so he pushed on further. Coming around a corner, he spotted a disused factory of some sort. Spotting a doorway open, he quickly rushed inside, eyes darting wildly for any sort of place where he could drop his trousers in privacy. [continued in readme]

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    • Released: 9/21/2003
    • Added: 10/3/2003

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