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Vehicular CTF
Medium for 8-14 players
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The Megastructure was the work of Liandri's latest line of colossal construction robots, programmed with such an intricate understanding of structural engineering that they could build complex structures with the bare minimum of instruction. They were designed to work unsupervised for years at a time, which meant that when the machines working on the Megastructure malfunctioned, no one was there to stop their relentless expansion of the facility. The result was miles upon miles of redundant machinery, labyrinthine networks of corridors and vast empty chambers. And somewhere, deep underground, the robots are still building.

PC and PS3 versions available below. Note: The folder structure used here is for North American PS3s, but you may be able to make it work for EU consoles by renaming the "BLUS30086-MODIMPORT" folder to "BLES00200-MODIMPORT". I can't test this, so let me know if it works.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/23/2008
    • Added: 3/23/2008

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