Game Types
Unreal Warfare
Huge for 32 players
Play Styles

Awesome Warfare map with a focus on Aerial combat and originality in gameplay, setting, and flow.

Due to high levels of collateral damage in typical Tournament matches, and citizen complaints about the amount of rubble in their streets and violence in their malls, Liandri contracted ambitious inventors to develop new and exciting matches for the Unreal Tournaments. To utilize new areas and worlds for matches with a minimum of official supervision, massive amounts of money were poured into developing durable, highly mobile transport vehicles. Competitors in this bracket were sent off to unexplored regions, often for months at a time, battling anyone they came across, and the winners decided by which teams returned alive when their signals were recalled...

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/7/2009
    • Added: 9/13/2009

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