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Rising towers of steel and glass, landscapes of reflection, glistening in the sunshine ... Landscapes called skylines and cities. Roads and highways tearing across the land, laid out across the world like straps securing the last fighting efforts of a madman restrained. Computers of silicone and copper and metals unknown to all but a select few. These trappings of the modern and future age are a mystery here, not yet part of this serene, unspoiled bit of the world, a bit of the world where an arcane power has been set on high. On high among a myriad of giants who have reigned here for thousands of years. These giants have been here for an age undisturbed and will remain so for ages yet to come. Giants, called redwoods by others, in other cultures. The power which resides here among these majestic trees is of such a force, that gravity itself is almost held at bay by its malignant power. The people once native to this land have only recently been shunted aside and pushed out of their once prestine temple among the trees. Now this once peacefull place has become a place of violence, of blood and screams and war. Even here in this once peacefull part of the world, these quiet, these beautiful, these Tokara Falls.

Changes from previous version:

- Fixed "A_Ambient_Loop" error for dedicated servers

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  • v2.0
    • Released: 3/15/2009
    • Added: 9/22/2009

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