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Medium for 8-24 players
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Three years after the destructive Axon-Necris planetary wars ended with the defeat and slaying of Akasha, those remaining few survivors of the Necris hordes who escaped annihilation found refuge hiding in the outer planetoids of the Krejan Rings. The final Necris outpost on the isle of Nkgjaba (Necris Island in the human language) was the hot-spot for the few remaining Necris insurgents. The Axon top covert military ops, the Black Quell, were star-dropped onto the planetoid island to remove the alien threat. Here are your orders, soldier, ...

Remove the alien scourge from their last surviving outpost.

This map was designed to provide a surrealistic impression in a medium size deathmatch map. A fantasy deathmatch island.


- fast deathmatch action for larger groups of players
- just enough weapons and ammo and health to stay alive
- UT3 style of graphics


All standard Weapons are available, all Powerups are available.

Known Bugs:

- The bots are a little stupid in a couple of places (Rocket bldg and UDamage).
- JumpPads must be approached at a 45 degree angle, the side, or backed onto.


Unreal Tournament 3, Patch 2, latest ATI or NVidia Drivers. Recommend a Dual Core computer with 2GB RAM and ATI 3000 series or NVidia 8000 series or greater.

PS3 version of the map is also available in the download links below.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/15/2008
    • Added: 3/17/2008

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