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Medium for 4-14 players
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Long Range

Special thanks to PsyOps_Ranger (Gary Malmgren) to give his permission to change his ONS map into A Verhiculair DM map. I removed everything what had to do with ONS, also the verhicles, then built everything from scratch. Also put more rocks and tree's into the map. Built some smaller things, like a shet, and made guntowers of ONS material.

It is a Extreme VH map, almost all verhicles and all weapons are present. When the leviathan is destroyed, it takes about 5 minutes to respawn. I have done this because the leviathan is difficult to destroy (I needed 2 redeemers and several anti verhicle rockets!)

Futhermore, several redeemers, Goliath Cannon's and ion painters, again to be able to destroy the heavy verhicles. The superweapons are a bit hidden. From the Zendercodersweapons only the benelli is in this map.

This map is not intended for skilled 1on1 players, but like Gary say's: Have fun under the sun ! I'm sure there are some bugs in it, but it plays very well. Have fun with it, Willem.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 2/17/2006
    • Added: 2/19/2006

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