Medium for 4-8 players
Play Styles

This is a beta version of a 4on4 version of DM-Compressed. I just added 1 floor on top of the first floor and some extra corridors, so that team tactics improve. The Double Damage room is less spammable now, because there are more ways to get there. I made the lifts in the two main halls move 30 percent faster, so that you can jump right towards the upper level. The two teleports improve game speed.

I still have to fix some things, but the main design is there! I think the final version will be released in about a month (the end of Juin I guess). You will be able to find it in all large well-known online map databases.

Good luck and have fun with it!

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Revision History

  • Test Version v0.0b
    • Released: 5/21/2003
    • Added: 5/26/2003

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