Medium for 4-8 players
Play Styles

This is a recreation of the DmTundra map included with Unreal, my goal was to give another group of gamers a chance to play one of the best Unreal DM maps, as such I have driven myself to accept nothing but the highest quality map out of this. I hope you feel I have succeeded.

...Hiding from the Skaarj invasion, a small sect of Nali monks fled to the mountains, here they erected a small monastery sheltered in an icy valley. After the liberation of Na Pali rights to the planet were bought by the Liandri Mining Co, who mined large amounts of tarydium. However, when the tarydium supply began to run out, survey parties were sent further afield, one of these groups stumbled across the monastery. In the years prior to the formation of the Tournament, the monastery was used for many battles by small criminal operations. When the Tournament took over control of bloodsport entertainment, the monastery was abandoned in favor of more popular venues. Now, as the fans continue to demand more from the Tournament the blood of warriors will again stain the ice red.

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    • Released: 12/21/2002
    • Added: 3/3/2003

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