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Medium for 4-8 players
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A Castle in the Highlands of Scotland.

This is based on the Castle used in the movie Highlander, which is in fact The Eilean Donan castle in Scotland. The main idea was to try and create the look and feel of the Highlands. You should switch of the UT2K music to hear the pipes :)

I could have spent a lot longer on this but I had a time limit, so as I dislike unfinished maps, here it is warts and all. It plays ok, but it was not built with game play in mind so don't expect to much. I had a lot of problems with lighting this map. Realistic daylight is difficult. There are way to many BSP brushes in there, but it lights so much better than static meshes, and I get attached to it and hate to see it go.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/9/2003
    • Added: 12/9/2003

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