Game Types
Medium for 2-4 players

The computer wouldn't tell you where you are, how you got there and why the heck the clima regulator was set to shock freezing. Since the place has no doors you can only suppose that you've been directly transmitted inside with the help of an andvanced trajectory device. Everything you see screams "high tech" at you, but the icy reflection on the metal walls warns against touching anything. Superconductors, ultra cooled. Even a brief tip lets your fingers go numb for several minutes. The energy level of your combat suit is constantly dropping, the freezing cold beginning to put a strain on the capacitors. You fear for your life, the suit won't be able to provide you with warmth for much longer. That's when you hear the sound for the first time... A short, heavy, metallic sound, screeching and hollow at the same time. "A security droid walking on cold glass", scream your millenia of experience, and seconds later he's upon you...

ColdBorn - A small to medium sized, somewhat DM-Zeto inspired duel map, with weapon layout optimized for my ArkonWeapons3 mutator.

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Revision History

  • v1.3
    • Released: 10/31/2003
    • Added: 11/1/2003

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