Game Types
Capture The Flag
Medium for 2-12 players
Play Styles

The file name of the map is CTF-SwitchbackMk2 to avoid confusing it with the origonal map.

An industrial themed ctf map for 2-12 players with flag bases on the same end separated by glass. The flag room connects to a main hall via stairs. This hall connects to two larger multi-leveled areas with weapons, powerups and such. Two "power cores" present obsticals and are deadly if players venture too close, they can also be seen from either an upper deck, or by lower tunnels. It is a simple but effective layout.

Bug fixes in Mk2:

-Lower hallways significantly widened.
-Blocking volume around lower railings, the player can no longer get caught on them.
-Critical part of path around lower power cores widened.
-Ammo for mini and bio on blue side now appears in the correct location.
-Static mesh added to keep the player from seeing thorugh the backside of two staircases.
-Lights in lower hallwasy are now etheral, you can pass through them so they dont block jumps or dodges.
-Fluid surfaces lowered to avoid having them interfere with static meshes.

Aesthetic fixes in Mk2:

-Some lights dimmed slightly.
-Some pipe static meshes switched to others to add more detail.
-Static mesh trim around small power cores resized.
-Vents turned upide down. Player can no longer look in them (unless you really want to).
-Some static mesh''s added to add detail to otherwise blank walls.
-Some textures changed/aligned to match the floor/celing.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 5/11/2003
    • Added: 5/12/2003
  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/9/2003
    • Added: 5/9/2003

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