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Bombing Run
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Well, after playing through my lads game "Harry Potter - The chamber of secrets" I thought I'd make a BR quidditch map.

I've "borrowed" a few files from the game, as its UT engine based, such as one Utx pack, and an Ogg. File, so hopefully I dont get sued.

Anyway, this is low, low G. -100 (mapping lingo) and I purposely put no weapons in, and no health. All you got is the ball and the other team to deal with. Bots play this well, and I have seen them shoot the ball from the other side of the field and score.

I would have liked to include the JumpBoots reskinned as a broomstick and to be propertized (?) as "Fly" mode, with a 3rd person broomstick mesh, but I'm not that good a coder.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/30/2002
    • Added: 1/30/2003

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