Small for 2-7 players
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Another of my (in)famous compact arena-type maps. This map is based on the Unreal Tournament level ''Eclipse Biodome'' (not a direct copy, but if you''ve played that particular level in UT then you will recognise it). A large open arena split into three levels interconnected by stairwells, transporters and jumppads. A small connecting corridor on one side provides a bit of space to recover but it''s not guaranteed!
This level seems to have attracted two main criticisms, the first being that it''s way too simple and boring. This is not totally unsurprising but I designed this as a ''fire up and frag'' map - a quick fix. The second is due to the fact that the design can handle a larger bot load than you would expect for such a small level. Well, I like splatter fests and remember, you are always able to kick a few bots.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/29/2002
    • Added: 4/12/2003

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