Medium for 3-7 players
Play Styles
Close Quarters

Contrary to the map''s title, the cellars in this level seem to attract the least of the action (must be the mist!) but the bots tend to nip through on their way upstairs and will catch you unawares if you''re not agile enough.
Head for the central jumppad room as this is usually the hub of most of the fighting. The furnace room is good for picking off the unwary but you do not have a lot of cover so take care!. Plenty of weapons and health available but obtaining them can prove to be more difficult than you initially think.
Probably more suited to humans than bots, still quite a fast-paced level.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 2/27/2000
    • Added: 4/12/2003

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