Game Types
Vehicular CTF
Small for 6-10 players
Play Styles

One of the favourite VCTF maps returns in a greatly improved version!

Map features:
- Small layout, maybe a bit spammy, but full of action and good fun...
- Two different vehicles available: Scorpions and HellBenders.
- Two bases with different defense points.
- Some more defense points spread in the map to hack flagruns.
- Two well placed Redeemers to prevent excesive camping or increase your defense.
- Bot support.

I hope you'll get good framerates, If the map does not run smooth enough in your PC, you can lower your 'world detail' settings.
- High World Detail shows all the visual stuff.
- Medium World Detail removes the outer cliffs.
- Low World Detail removes most of the useless visual stuff.

- Big thanks to Philipp 'Soma' Urlich for letting me use his textures and staticmeshes from the awesome DM-CBP2-Achilles.
- Thanks to 'Strider' for the great terrain rotating tool 'UTRota'.
- Thanks to 'Hourences' for the fogring textures taken from his 'HourIndusX' texture pack.
- Thanks also to everyone that betatested the map and posted feedback in Unreal Playground and Atari forums (Hawkwind, HERO Maxwell, Kantham, NotoriousBIC, RichyB).

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/17/2005
    • Added: 7/20/2005

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