ONS-Argento  Del Alma (Night)


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Large for 8-14 players
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This is a night version of the ONS-Argento Del Alma that was part of the community bonus pack.

The planet Taron's only hope of survival was because of these great two spires that threw acids into the air to create the greenhouse effect that Taron has developed till now. These terra-forming plants were once threatened by the Hellion forces, but with the swift hand of the NEG this schema was stopped. The remains of the convoy carrying the Nexus missiles still remain in this sandy graveyard as a reminder of what could have happened. Now these two terra-forming plants have been discontinued and have been retrofitted to be a solar power plant for nearby towns. The Liandri has bought these grounds for small controlled warfare named Onslaught that has appeared in the new Tournament for the upcoming year. Taron's goes into a hibernation state every decade when the planets start alignment with the Sun Krandura. The axis of Taron changes ever so slightly and affects the atmosphere; though one of the curiosities of this planet yet another surprise is of a sponge like plant that grows dramatically quick to struggle against this change of the atmosphere. This plant has been known to grow 8 feet in a day. This plant now named the guru plant is a spectacle to behold, especially since these plants have light emitting bulbs. This axis change lasts for two years, if it was not for these plants Taron would not be fit for human habitation even with the efforts of terra-forming.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/27/2004
    • Added: 8/27/2004

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