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A vehicle version of the successful INV map. It contains 1 scorpion, 1 hellbender, 2 hidden mantas, and a minigun turret. I really suggest servers that have the other version to download this one. Not only that was changed. I realized how easy it was so I removed 2 of the 3 redeemers and replaced with adrenaline. Also, I've taken away D.D. From the wildcard base. Theres no need for 2. Added borders to certain areas to make it look nicer. Changed a lot of health vials to either 1 or 2 health per one depending on it's location. Alot of things were fixed and it's just more polished and who couldn't love the idea of splattering a few skaarj with a manta. Good times. Well, I hope you all enjoy and think clever if you want to find where the mantas are. =)

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 7/2/2007
    • Added: 7/3/2007
  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/3/2007
    • Added: 5/3/2007

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