CTF-Mechanization Zen


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Capture The Flag
Medium for 6-18 players
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The liandri Corporation has come across a poisons and acidic planet on sector B-1939. This planet was once thought to be of no use in till the operatives of Liandri flew in to see a structural anomaly. This Anomaly ended up being a skyscraper just passed the vast stream which was the name of the acidic clouds down below. This skyscraper holds very little history of what could have happened on this world. All we know is that the Liandri corporation has be mystified why the posters on the walls read in English as opposed to another language. The civilization must have been connected to the people on Earth. This is also oddly connected since a huge statue close to the skyscraper holds a globe of Earth. We can have two assumptions that either this planet was like Earth geologically or Earth somehow influenced these people. Very little knowledge was un covered on this vast building, liandri Corp has theorized that this planet was once in a great war of some kind and that the acidic remains are proof of this.

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