Unreal II
Game Types
Large for 6-24 players
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This map is made for the outlaw clan and it looks a lot like lowlands. It has 2 bases 1 secret bunker with a power source and a controll for the gaint EMP cannon in the middle of the field. In total it has 5 power sources and 3 extra deploy points.

Just play it.

Do (NOT) use my site as a download link (I get troubles with my breadband limit)

I don't give a !@#$% what you do with it, distribute it any way you wan't, send it by fax if you like(good luck with that) or just play it online ;P

This map is made for Unreal 2 XMP (expended multiplayer edition). You can download the xmp online battle gametype at www.unreal2.com (but you gotta keep your popup blocker offline otherwise the popup with the download doesn't appear)

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 2/10/2004
    • Added: 3/4/2004

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