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Only a few months before launching the final assault on Europe, the most important in History so far, and also known as Operation Overlord, General Williams, is Kidnapped in an excellent german manoever. According to allied spies and intelligence reports, Gen Williams its probably now In the Krugerland Area. Without hesitation and as quick as possible the OSS prepares a rescue undercover mission, with the best international team available at the moment.

The mission: Will be to rescue Gen Williams, probably under interrogation now, because it is only a matter of time before the germans find out about the invasion plans in France.

The team lead by Lt. Powell, will be parachuting in Krugerland in german mountain troops uniforms. There they will contact Agent Salombo, infiltrated from some time now, on how to proceed with the mission. It is also known, that the Gestapo is aware and probably know something about this desperate mission, so the team will have to improvise on the way. It is also important, that Gen Williams must return alive, since its one of the ideologist of Operation Overlord, hence one of the Chiefs in Command of the Invasion.

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    • Released: 5/25/2009
    • Added: 12/21/2010

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