Medium for 6-10 players

A multi-level, moody, and jam-packed with z-axis opportunities map for deathmatch. Lots of sniping action as well as close-combat and distance fighting. This is an update of Z_Axis_Blitz, it gets rid of excess garbage and improves the lighting greatly. The place is darker overall, because several areas were too bright before.

In addition I added a whole new section to improve the flow on the upper sniper deck. Bot pathing was improve and I ordered all pathnodes to last as Varpu mentioned in his review of Z_Axis_Blitz.

I also changed the stairs a bit so people dont get caught on them. Some texturing changes were made as well, cause I thought some of the texturing was very ugly before. Now it's just ugly, as opposed to very ugly.

Some lifts and secrets were added, the bots get everything and will use the translocator to get powerups if you turn that option on.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/3/2001
    • Added: 5/27/2003

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