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Capture The Flag
Large for 6-10 players
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Long Range

The seven-year asteroid belt has formed around Earth's upper atmosphere once again. Like a swarm of bloated locusts they swirl high above. This has caused the Earth Government Council (EGC) to order evacuation of all Earth populants to neighboring non-hostile planets and their moons due to the possibility of one or more of the asteroids plummeting to the Earth. Therefore, the Tournament Commission has hastily moved the Tournament competitors to an uncharted "island-asteroid". It is believed that this floating mass was once an intergalactic meeting ground for nomadic religious sects because of the strange monastery-style towers at each end. This island-asteroid and its two towers have proven to be a perfect setting for Tournament CTF matches. So face your enemy and let the games begin! This is a remake of the classic UT1 version of CTF-Face. NOTE: This is REVISION 3 of the FINAL VERSION. This has many bug fixes based on community feedback.

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Revision History

  • v1.0R3
    • Released: 3/26/2003
    • Added: 3/28/2003
  • v1.0R2
    • Released: 3/23/2003
    • Added: 3/23/2003
  • v1.0R1
    • Released: 3/21/2003
    • Added: 3/22/2003
  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/20/2003
    • Added: 3/20/2003

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