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I actually started work on this level about one year ago. The look and layout was completely different. The design was a bit repetitive, and decided to restart from scratch. I wanted to give the level a new look, with each room being completely different than the next, yet keeping the same theme throughout. Using new textures and shaders, I looked to create a unique look and feel. I packed the level with small details throughout, giving it that unique feel I was looking for. I drew inspiration from UT2K3 and other next-gen games which sets it apart from the norm of the Quake 3 environments. Using Q3Map2 by ydnar, the lighting and shadows also reflect that of a next-gen game.

The layout of the map is quite original. I beta tested the map awhile ago to get the perfect item placement, which I believe has been achieved. I originally had more jump pads, but cut back a few to increase the speed and flow of the level. The slanted elevator provides for a quick escape from the bottom to the top level across the map. There is not as much vertical action as in other levels of mine, but every room provides for a good fight.

Thanks : My Dad, flow, everyone at the Quake3World, MapCenter, and Burial-Ground forums for beta testing, everyone who emailed me about the level, the GtkRadiant team, ydnar for Q3Map2, Hr.O for Q3Map2Toolz, Rorshach for the Vendetta texture set, Charon for his shaders I based mine on, Cardigan for the sky, and id for Quake 3.

More info in the included readme.txt or at

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/3/2003
    • Added: 6/9/2004

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