Huge for 10-25 players

A follow-up to my previous Unreal map "SpaceBeacon" for Unreal Tournament. Very large, dark, space type map that is excellent for sniping and hunting. Needs a lot of players and requires a decent computer to run.

Before UT was released I decided to modify Space Beacon in order to learn some new mapping techniques I hadn't tried before, make some improvements to the overall game play, and make it a UT level. This work was to prepare me for building an all-new level. I thought it would be a few weeks of work ... NOT!

Nevertheless, I stuck it out and after a few months of hard work (mostly living in BSP Hell), finished 2nd Space Beacon. 2nd Space Beacon is fully pathed for bot play and supports both death match and team death match. The level is harder on your CPU now, but, I assumed that most of the hardcore gamers must have better hardware than my two year old dino-PC that I still use as a client. ;-)

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/22/1999
    • Added: 1/8/2007

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