Medium for 2-16 players

This map is made by Baba.

The whole point to this map is that it is a Chainsaw Arena, as the name implies. It is intended as a break from the normal play styles we engage in every day. Thus far, it's been a blast, a real laugh.

There is no ammo, health, pickups, or any weapons anywhere on the map except for chainsaws placed symmetrically around 'The Pit'. The Pit is where the fighting is supposed to occur. It's the lowest level and is surrounded by the lights. The 'Apron' is the next level up. It is where the chainsaws are located. This is a 'safe area'. You're not supposed to kill anyone here, only in The Pit. There is a small hike through the dark from the spawn points to The Pit. This is intentional and for multiple reasons.

So far we've found at least two play styles for this map. One we call 'King of the Ring'. In this style, the winner of a one on one melee stays in the ring and other players wait their turn on the Apron. Essentially, only two players in the ring at one time. The other style is "Free For All" which should be self-explanatory.

Have fun!

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 2/21/2004
    • Added: 3/4/2004

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