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Capture The Flag
Huge for 12-16 players
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CTF-SpiritualWorlds is a level based on good vs evil, the light and the dark, "Heaven and Hell". The size of this level is of biblical proportions. Those who side with Satan will find themselves in the dark and depth of Hell. Their base consists of a fortress with drawbridges above a pit of lava and an entrance built upon ruins. Those who side with God will find themselves risen above the land residing in his palace. WarpZones were used to connect the three parts of the level; Earth, Heaven, and Hell.

Due to the complexity of the theme, some may find this level slightly uneven in a way one side may have an advantage. For instance in you don't like using translocators. Most everything in the level though can be reached by the Impact Hammer.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 10/28/2001
    • Added: 11/6/2005

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