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Capture The Flag
Large for 10-16 players

The Liandri Corporation had made that much money, that they could build there own arena for battles.

Liandri discovered an old and distant planet called Nives, were is no life, but a reasonable atmosphere to live in. Nives has many open places on its surface, but Liandri chose a small area with lots of rock and ice. In the middle of this canyon, is a very deep hole. This hole combined with the freezing tempature there (60 below) Liandri found that it was the perfect place for a bloody arena and they called it the Canyon of Death.

Liandri built some corridors and rooms with two flagrooms.

Liandri thougt it was to big for a Deathmatch or Domination Arena and to boring for an Assault Mission so they declared it was ment to be an Capture The Flag Arena.In the two flagrooms is some toxicwaste, wich Liandri had to add some ingredients so it would stay liquid, instead of becoming solid. Liandri also placed some systems to keep it warm in there.

NOTE: I made this map in early 2001, at the age of 13.

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Revision History

  • v1.2
    • Released: 12/10/2004
    • Added: 12/12/2004

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