Game Types
Vehicular CTF
Medium for 6-32 players

Two opposing space stations constructed from LEGO blocks with a floating center station containing extra goodies. Get ready for some major fraggin with this non-stop action packed map! Back in the UT'99 days those of you who remembered wHarthog's Pigpen know what it's all about!

Take a Manta or Raptor from your bottom base to the enemy flag. Once the flag is taken, grab a strangelove to rocket you back home. Easier said than done -- one shot with a NoSkilz Exploding Sniper Rifle, and you are dead.

NoSkilz Destroyers in the middle of the map are the ultimate in destroying power. Zoom in on your target, fire, and your enemies are dead.

Lots of action, lots of frags, and above all, a whole lotta fun!

Some features of this map are:
- NoSkilz Exploding Sniper Rifle
- NoSkilz Destroyer
- NoSkilz WaveFlakCannon
- NoSkilz Whoitzer
- NoSkilz BlackAngus
- NoSkilz Tranzlocator
- NoSkilz SuperSuperLinkGun
- humanSpaceCrafts

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/21/2006
    • Added: 10/12/2007

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