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Planet Sedna, 1150 miles in diameter, discovered in 2004, was first explored by SMC and Liandri scientists in 2087. When Planet Sedna was found to be rich in uranium and plutonium, a group of SMC Nuclear Concepts and Liandri's millitary unit established a permanent base on the planet and two of its inner moons.

Unfortunately, Axon Research Corporation became jealous of SMC's and Liandri's monopoly of uranium and plutonium. In 2160, Axon Research Corporation's millitary forces invaded the planet and its inner moons. The siege lasted for a year and there were massive casualties on both sides of the conflict.

After the siege ended, the innermost moon of Sedna, 150 miles in diameter, was substantially scarred in the aftermath, leaving the moon much more susceptible to tidal forces. Tidal forces induced on the moon by Sedna and the planet's second moon fragmented the moon's outer surface, which formed a ring around the planet within a few years along the moon's orbit. In 2165, the innermost moon was set up as an onslaught arena to test those that enter it.

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