Great Nali Canyon


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Huge for 16-24 players
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Most people know about the final battle between the Skaarjs and the Humans when they successfully destroyed the Skaarj's mothership in a final desperate attack. But few people know how the Nali people fell to the Skaarj ground shaking troops 20 years before the Great Skaarj / Human War. Although a pacific race, the Nalis had built mighty fortresses in the Great Nali Canyon to protect themselves for agressors. But when all skaarj legions attacked the Great Nali Canyon, the Nali just couldn't match with the Skaarj cutting edge technology. Outnumbered, they resisted for 3 months before finally falling to the Skaarj's Leviathans. Most Nalis were either brutally slaughtered or enslaved and sold throughout the skaarj empire. This is how the epic story of their fall ever made it to our knowledge, thousands of years later.

You will have the great opportunity to participate in the re-creation of the epic battle.

This map is an updated version of my submission for the Unreal Playground Onslaught Contest '04. It's now running for the Phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal Contest :)) and it should also be part of the upcoming Unreal Playground Onslaught Contest '04 Map Pack.

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Revision History

  • v2.1
    • Released: 6/7/2004
    • Added: 6/12/2004

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