Game Types
Medium for 4-8 players

One of the Emperors' favorite places in the south of his empire. It is said he judged and executed personally his political adversaries and exposed their corpses in public.

Snipers Should have a good Time in the towers (altough very vulnerable to FLAK/ROCKETS/MINIGUN/SHOCK-Spamming :D

Quite a simple layout: A courtyard surrounded by corridors and 4 snipertowers. The map itself is small to medium but feels bigger due to it's structure. Bots Kick my *ss but this is because I'm merely a lousy player ;)

Included as a bonus are some RagdollModifications which are NOT necessary to play the map but do give some nicer deaths. More instructions in the bonus folder.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/3/2010
    • Added: 11/3/2010

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