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Medium for 3-5 players
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No one is to be glad feeling this temporary thaw. Once the dawn surrenders to the dusk immersing you to the hands of darkness, only the one neverending night will be your fortune. A cold one...

This is a medium sized map representing a part of a derelicted castle. There are some open-air areas and an underground level.

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 10/29/2006
    • Added: 11/6/2006
    • Changes:
      • Fixed linux servers crash
      • Fixed two bugs with spruce (blending problem & LOD/Collision problem)
      • Fixed bug with the floor surface near the fallen spruce (shader/simple texture)
      • Fixed some minor collision problems
      • Changed position of the Shock Rifle
      • Changed classic Sniper Rifle -> Lightning gun
      • Changed jumppads lifting heights
      • Changed player skins became brighter
      • Added sound on jumppads
      • Removed snow
      • Removed sun corona
      • Removed stupid croaking birds (:<
      • Removed some emitters
      • Removed an odd sound of a stuff that doesn't seem to exist (:
      • Removed slope on the stairs near the fallen column
  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/9/2006
    • Added: 4/10/2006

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