Game Types
Huge for 2-4 players

DM-Nam is a non-linear dense jungle deathmatch level about the size of ONS-Torlan for stealthy players. There are plenty of landmarks to take your bearings from, including a wrecked Leviathan, a huge uprooted tree and a pond with a rusty bomber carcase protruding. But your opponent is not the only danger in this level, trip wires attatched to falling traps, punji traps and mines await the unsuspecting player. It is unlike any other deathmatch level you are likely to have played. In this level you are at a great disadvantage when running around. Players must sneak around the level hunting their opponents. Every player begins with a sniper rifle, the primary weapon for stalking opponents, they can then pick up the minigun, mine layer and grenade launcher with which to set traps. This level does not work well with bots as they can see through the jungle unhindered, therefore the pathnodes are primarily there for Invasion, which works very well. In order to play you must have two to four patient players with powerful computers. My computer is a 3Ghz with a GeForce FX 5200 128Mb VRAM and 1Gb of RAM, it runs fast enough on full detail and everything at 800X600 resolution. Patience is important to play this level, you will have to stalk your opponents and guess their intentions while skulking in the undergrowth to avoid being seen. It can take upto fifteen minutes for a single kill to occur with two players. This builds great tension and atmosphere, kills on this level are far more rewarding. There is no music on the level as you will need all your senses. If you want to play music use the player (press F11).

Tags: jungle trees

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/2/2004
    • Added: 9/2/2004

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