Game Types
Tiny for 2-8 players

Loosely based off the Halo map of the same name, this is, simply, a long hallway, with a small central room. That's the bare bones rendition of it, d/l it and check it out for yourself:)

My first map, it was designed to be small, I didn't want to get too far ahead of myself. It's small alrighty, cramped, and tight. I'd even call ti cozy. Designed for 1v1, or else 8 or 10 players for a stacked server. Very fast paced and chaotic. No music or ambient sounds yet. There are a couple or broken botpaths that need fixing, and the spawn points need soem work.

Any suggestsion for spawn locations (I might add a small seocnd level with a couple extra rooms to spawn in, then drop into the action) would be great. Any other comments/suggestions are welcome.

"Official" Description:
The sprawling installations of the Liandri corporation are connected and maintained by numerous service corridors such as this one. Small, cramped, poorly lit, and loaded with various pieces of eqiupment, these hallways make for fast and deadly Tournament matches.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • Test Version v.98
    • Released: 6/4/2004
    • Added: 6/5/2004

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