Game Types
Small for 4-12 players
Play Styles
Close Quarters

You have to stop a terrorists transmission (I know, stupid mission :-) ) First you must pass the water to get in the castles underground. There you must reach a switch to lower the bridge. After you must destroy both chains of the frontdoor to reach the inside switch, which open the inner Castle doors. Now again some switches to reach. Therefor you must get up the front towers by using the stairs/lifts or the ladders outside. In the left tower is an optional object, your second spawnpoint, which is located in the middle of the castle. On the right tower is the main object, the switch to open the big tower door. The last hold object is located on the top of the big tower. At the bottom you have first some stairs, then a lift with great jump possibilities and at least you must walk to the top or you can try the way through defenders second spawn (outside ring of the tower) and use the ladder/jumppad outside the tower.

Comments: This map is from an Assault player and made for real Assault players, so come and join the clanbase league to play the map The map is with full bot support but the bots arenĀ“t very good. In spec mode the bots get all objects in 8-12 minutes. I suggest to use high level bots (min. Experienced) in single player

You can play the map at my custome server IP:

Have fun and please give me a rating!

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/16/2005
    • Added: 1/17/2005
  • v0.8
    • Released: 12/26/2004
    • Added: 12/28/2004
  • Test Version v0.2
    • Released: 12/12/2004
    • Added: 12/19/2004

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