VCTF - LIP - ColdFear 2


Game Types
Vehicular CTF
Medium for 6-12 players

After the human and Skaarj war, many planets started to need help and resources. So when Liandri was sending reinforcements for their warriors, they got trapped into a battle in the middle of nowhere -- a place with 3 bridges leading to the another side a ravine. Luckily, they also had vehicles for a hot fight against their enemies on these cold lands, but to their surprise, the enemies have the same vehicles and weapons! What will you do? Just get their flag!

This map is inspired from another of a similar name, originally by a guy called N3tl!zard for CTF. His map was just a cube, a river in the middle and no skybox. I decided to expand on his idea and made this original map which has just the bridges from the original one, a lot of extra detail work including a skybox with snow, and has been converted to a VCTF game.

Thanks to the original author.

Changes since last version:

* Added grass for the snow, to make a better detail :)
* Added stones on the road, but just are displayed at high detail level.
* Removed blocking volumes and added cliffs to block you instead of them.
* Added ambient sounds, for more reallism
* Resized the height of the bridges by 75% so nobody gets stuck when walking
* Added walls to the bases =P
* Changed song from a boring one to an peaceful one

I hope you like the update. Enjoy.

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Revision History

  • v3.0
    • Released: 3/7/2011
    • Added: 3/19/2011
  • v2.0
    • Released: 1/9/2011
    • Added: 3/3/2011

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