VCTF - LIP - Longest Duel


Game Types
Vehicular CTF
Tiny for 2-4 players
Play Styles
1on1, Long Range

Near the Nali sky towns there is a floating Vehicle CTF Arena, or rather, floating Platforms. But they are not close to one another with 50 meters of distance separating the two. You will must get your Goliath Scorpion (a new vehicle that I made for this map) and jump, firing powerful tank shells into the enemy to get across. There only the stronger player will survive, because when the Goliath Scorpion explodes it does so with the force of a tank shell with about 320 damage spread over a large radius. Be careful not to kill yourself while fighting the enemy.

Also, there has a new mutator that I copied the scripts of the HL2 Helicopter from the HL2MonstersLite3 author. I don't know who is the author of that cool mod, but want to express my thanks to him/her as this mutator will allow you to replace any vehicle in your maps with custom ones. Specifically, my new Goliath Scorpion in this case. I hope that you like this new map & vehicle! :)

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/19/2011
    • Added: 3/3/2011

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