Did CliffyB's Ownage ever cover maps from UT2004?

Descentia Descentia — November 23, 2012
The subject says it all. I know there were tons of sexy maps that CliffyB put on his ownage site, and they were flagged on Mapraider.com (which is fricking awesome, btw! :D ), but in glancing through quite a few snazzy UT2k4 maps, I never saw the little CliffyB animated icon. Did Cliff never continue on with his Ownage site to cover UT2k4?
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  • Descentia Descentia — December 13, 2012
    rofl! :lol:
  • GEx GEx — May 21, 2015

    Hey FreakinMeany, do you need help uploading the rest of the cliffyb's ownage maps to Mapraider? I still have all of the ut99 ones and could give some pics of them if you like ;)
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — May 21, 2015
    Goodness - yes. I definitely need assistance. Looking at the list on the first page I see that there are quite a few that haven't made it to the DB. They're all on our mirrors already. Just need to get them entered into the system with screenshots and tagged with the "cliffybownage" tag.

    Drop me a message here on the site if you're interested in helping and I'll chat with you out of the thread.
  • Descentia Descentia — May 22, 2015
    Hah, you guys rock! :D
  • GEx GEx — May 22, 2015
    Yup, I'm interested, I just sent a PM to you, FM ;)

    Also, I think this thread should be all "sticky" and stuff :P
  • MagFreakinNeto MagFreakinNeto — May 22, 2015
    While searching for stuff to upload to the Liandri Archives, long ago, I've also stumbled upon another CliffyB-mentioned map, DM-1on1-Nagem for UT2004.

  • Descentia Descentia — May 27, 2015
    Mapraider link!

    Woohoo! ^_^
  • GEx GEx — May 28, 2015
    Nice find, you two. Thumbs up!
    Just now noticed that not all of the ;listed maps have the tag on (forgot which one though)
  • MagFreakinNeto MagFreakinNeto — April 24, 2019
    I've just uploaded the Unreal 1 Ownage maps. In the following days I'll try to upload the rest.
  • Descentia Descentia — April 24, 2019
    You are awesome!

    I might try to blow the dust off all my old disks and do a mass re-install to relive some experiences (and make new ones) ;-)

    Thanks, Mag-Neto!


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